Timothy Bradley hints that Manny Pacquiao may see flaws in Errol Spence’s game – Ring News 24

The boxing world is definitely buzzing about its next super fight, which looks to be the August 21st Errol Spence vs. Manny Pacquiao fight in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao announced the fight recently on his social media accounts and the world of boxing got very excited. And despite the fact that the Filipino champion is a notable underdog, there are many who believe Manny has a very good shot at the upset.

One of them is a guy who knows Pacquiao very well, and that is former world champion Timothy Bradley.

Bradley fought Pacquiao three times, winning the first and losing the other two. So he definitely knows what Manny is capable of. And Bradley believes that his former foe would not have taken his fight unless he believes he can win.

“Pacquiao is one of those guys that picks and chooses guys that he believes he’s got a little bit of an advantage,” said Bradley in an interview with SnowqueenLA.

“I think that he sees that Spence is a little slower than what he’s used to fighting,” said Bradley. “Spence being the southpaw, taller, you got to go with Spence as far as the favorite goes.”

Still, Bradley recognizes why the younger fighter is the favorite.

“He’s the younger guy, he’s the fresher guy, and he puts a massive amount of pressure on guys all the way to the end of the fight,” said Bradley. “He throws a lot of punches. That’s something Pacquiao hasn’t really seen before in some time, I would say.”

On the flipside, Bradley believes that the 42-year-old Pacquiao brings different dimensions into the ring himself.

“Pacquiao, the speed, the footwork, the in and out movement, that’s going to be frustrating for Spence, honestly,” he said.

“Spence does something that Pacquiao likes. He’ll work and then bring his head back to the middle. He’s going to wait on his opportunities. Pacquiao isn’t going to counter with one shot.”

Bradley kept on.

“He’s going to counter with combinations,” said Bradley. “Combinations are coming your way, buddy [Spence], so you better be aware of those. You’re not going to be just standing there catching shots the way I see you do, Spence. I understand that.”

As he describes it in his head you can hear Bradley reflecting back on what it was like to be in the ring Pacquiao.

“You’re blocking shots, but you’re not going to block Manny Pacquiao all those punches he’s throwing at you,” said Bradley. “They’re going to be coming from odd angles. He’s going to be here one minute, you’re going to cover up, and he’s going to be over here.”

Very interesting stuff from the former champion. But just like any fight, who knows what really is going to happen inside of the ring.