David Haye Airs Controversial Opinion About Fury v Joshua – But Is It Really Controversial? – Boxing News


David Haye has lent his opinion on Tyson Fury’s possible tactical fighting approach when he and Anthony Joshua clash later on this year. Fury v Joshua was confirmed to be officially taking place in the not too distant future on Monday when Eddie Hearn made a statement saying that contracts have now been signed by both boxers.

Former WBA heavyweight champion Haye thinks that it would be a mistake for Fury to go all out guns blazing as he did against Deontay Wilder in his rematch with the American which resulted in a knockout win and becoming a two time heavyweight champion in February last year.

Haye said:

“Tyson Fury, who many do believe is No 1 because Fury beat Wilder, and he’s the lineal champion, but I think it’s the perfect time for Anthony Joshua,” Haye told Sky Sports News.

“Tyson Fury is on such a high. The victory over Wilder made him look a million dollars, his confidence will be sky high and I genuinely think Fury and his team don’t rate AJ as highly as they should do.

“That, in itself, causes potential issues.

“If Tyson Fury attacks Anthony Joshua in the same manner, in which he did in Vegas against Deontay Wilder, I don’t believe it works in his favour,” said Haye.

“I believe he’ll be too open, too wide and someone as fast, athletic, and as skilful as Anthony Joshua will be able to punch right through the middle and take him out, and take him out early.

“I know it’s a controversial prediction.”

I know that Fury has said before that he plans to try and stop Joshua. And we have all seen the Watford boxer get stopped before by the likes of Andy Ruiz. But I do not think it is that controversial to say that Fury could lose if he wants to have a shoot out with him.

Let’s take into account that Fury, himself, has seen himself on the deck several times in his career already despite having never actually been counted out by a referee. And his natural way of boxing is to outsmart his opponents using a tactical approach rather than brute force. At least that is what we have seen in the majority of his fights.

We also should remember that Fury tried the tactical approach against Deontay Wilder in their first fight and that saw him come up short on the cards with a draw. So, it is logical to assume that the “Gypsy Warrior” knew that he needed to knock out Wilder in order to see victory which led him to coming out for the rematch the way he did. I think it is quite likely that we will not see too many gung ho performances from Tyson from this point forward.

For all the derogatory statements that the two time champion has made about Joshua there is very little chance that he actually does not respect him. He is smarter than that. Which is why I think it is more than likely that he will revert to type against Joshua by boxing smart as he usually does. And he will not really have any judges to fight with, either, seeing as it will be an all British contest despite the fact that the fight will not be contested on British soil.

When it comes to boxing we should not always believe what the fighters say, especially during the build up to a fight.

Because during that stage promotion is the name of the game!