Brendan Loughnane hopes to meet Bubba Jenkins in final

Brendan Loughnane thinks a final showdown with Bubba Jenkins would be the perfect way for PFL to cap off its 2021 season.

Loughnane (21-3) has been perhaps the promotion’s most impressive fighter this year, making quick work of Sheymon Moraes, followed by an all-out war with Tyler Diamond to secure the top spot in the featherweight standings.

Standout wrestler Jenkins (16-4) kicked things off by upsetting back-to-back tournament winner Lance Palmer, then a unanimous decision over Bobby Moffett. Both fighters are being dubbed frontrunners to win the $1 million playoff prize, but Loughnane made sure to let Jenkins know he’s the bigger threat in the tournament.

“Me and Bubba were having a big back-and-forth backstage and we were just talking mad trash to each other,” Loughnane told MMA Junkie Radio. “I was saying: Listen, the truth is, when your name comes across the desk people go, ‘Oh, I’m in for a cuddling match. I’m going to get a nice cuddle for 15 minutes, and I’m going to be fine.’

“When my name comes across, there’s going to be extreme violence, and that’s the difference Bubba. No one is scared of fighting you, but people are scared of fighting me. Not only can I come out of the gate fast and knock you out, I can also go to 15 minutes. I can wrestle you. I’m a well-rounded mixed martial artist now, and it gives me a good chance in this tournament.”

Loughnane had a front-row seat when Jenkins beat Moffett and the two jawed at each other as Jenkins exited the cage. Loughnane says the trash talk spilled over backstage, but it’s all banter that makes them two of the organization’s most charismatic and valuable fighters.

“Me and him were going back-and-forth for a good hour,” Loughnane said. “But yeah, it’s fun. Me and him are good for the organization because we actually open our mouths and talk. So hopefully me and him make the final. It’ll be a good fight.”